Experienced Software Engineer with a passion for discovery. Always looking for opportunities to learn, experience, or explore something new. Driven by an interest in the technical aspects of good design, and applying these concepts to produce efficient, dynamic, useful, and maintainable applications.


Sr. Software Engineer

Lockheed Martin

10/2015 - Present

Senior Software Engineer working in the simulation industry on multiple government projects. As a skilled developer in high demand at Lockheed, I have been tasked with a number of technical and leadership responsibilities. This experience has included a broad range of topics and languages, including: C, C++, C#, MySQL, Python, Perl, Linux Knowledge, Software Design Knowledge, etc. I have used these skills to solve complex problems, lead teams towards technically sound decisions, and ensure a maintainable future for the resulting products. This dedication to good software design has led to multiple technical leadership roles overseeing small 3 – 5 person teams.

Software Engineer III

Paragon Technology

07/2014 - 10/2015

This position consisted of evaluating and manipulating various data sources for potential use in  the continuous monitoring of NASA’s IT Security posture. The data involved required experience with: large scale databases, APIs, exports from COTS, GOTS, and custom in-house products. Each data source would then be processed, analyzed, and stored efficiently in order to populate dynamic web dashboards in near real-time. These projects required in-depth collaboration with N.A.S.A stakeholders to determine requirements and design based on customer needs, technical feasibility, project priorities, and resources available.

Software Engineer

Carley Corporation

05/2012 - 07/2014

Lead developer position tasked with supporting various simulation efforts using game development tools and techniques. Simulations and Virtual Maintenance Trainers worked on consisted of NPC interactions, numerous environments / interactive components, virtual recreations of real systems, and complex user tasks. These simulations were designed and developed using game design patterns along with Unity 3D, C#, NGUI, Scaleform, and other tools.

Software Engineer Intern

Disney GBTS Internship

08/2011 - 12/2011

Experience entailed working as an intern in the Global Business Technology department of Disney, sustaining C# / .NET / Silverlight applications and software. This internship also included a program designed to train new developers on aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle including: agile methodologies, unit testing / test driven development, documentation, and other software development strategies.


Masters Degree
Computer Science

University of Central Florida

05/2016 - 05/2019

Completed Masters degree in Computer Science (3.97 GPA) with an emphasis on AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. Completed additional courses covering topics such as: advanced algorithms and data structures, advanced computer architectures, multi-core processing, and networking concepts.

Bachelors Degree
Computer Science

University of Central Florida

05/2008 - 05/2012

Graduated in May of 2012 from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.



Python 90%
C# 90%
SQL 85%
C ++ / C 75%
Java 75%
HTML / CSS 75%
Javascript 60%
Perl 80%
XML / JSON 80%

Tools /

MySQL 90%
Git / SVM 80%
.NET Framework 60%
Node.js 50%
MongoDB 50%
REST 50%
React 50%
Angular 30%
Pytorch 50%

Software / OS

Microsoft Office 100%
Visual Studio 90%
Clion 90%
Pycharm 90%
Intellij 80%
Adobe Photoshop / Suite 80%
Unity 3D 60%
Windows 100%
Linux 75%

Technical Knowledge

Code Archeology 100%
SLDC 90%
OOP / OOD 90%
Agile Methodology 80%
Scrum Master 75%
API Design 60%
Test Driven Dev. 80%
Sustainable Development 80%
S.W Architecture 70%
Req. Analysis 80%
Documentation 80%
Multi-Core 60%
DB Design 60%
Big Data 60%

Technical Interests

  • Simulation
  • Game Design
  • Serious Games
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • A.I.
  • Data Analytics
  • NLP
  • Data Science
  • Big Data
  • Cutting Edge


  • collaboration
  • Team Oriented
  • Team Leadership
  • Social Skills
  • Personable
  • Interpersonal
  • Creative Thinking
  • Adaptable
  • Curiosity
  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Knowledge Driven
  • Technical


English 100%
Spanish 100%


Indie Galactic Space Jam


The Indie Galactic Space Jam is a yearly event where groups of artist and developers try to rapidly prototype a space related game within 48 hours. As part of the Astro Clash Cosmo Smash team we were able to design and develop a functional and compelling game that won the grand prize of the competition.

Carley Corporation - Employee Of The Month


Lead Developer – USAF UDM Capstone Training Simulation. As the main developer, I worked directly with the customer, the project lead, and the art team to ensure that all components of the simulation were meticulously designed, developed, and implemented. The finished project consisted of SCORM compliant Unity Web Player content that accurately trained and tested users on the Air Forces’ Learning Management System. Due to my efforts on this project I was awarded an Employee of the Month award.