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Hi there!
welcome to my collection of random thoughts, Projects, and experiences. Come along as I dive deep into deep learning, explore principles of design, and show you some cool photos along the way.

Data Visualization

Visualizing YouTube Comments

Have you ever taken a look at the comments section on some of your favorite YouTube videos? Of course you have, and like me you probably had the same reaction “What the hell are they all talking about down there?”.

Facial Landmark Tracking
Computer Vision

Facial Identification

Implementing a browser-based facial verification and identification system capable of verifying registered users over multiple platforms with limited requirements.



Text complexity makes analyzing scientific texts a difficult task for standard NLP techniques. GRAM-CNN for complex NER tasks.

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on the way!


Japan – 2015

Photos from my first trip to Japan in July 2015.

Miami Vibes


A few photos from a short trip around downtown Miami and Vizcaya Museum.


Black Mirror: The Ugly

Thoughts about the ugly side of Black Mirror. Part of a three part series.